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Advantages of Palm Tungsten?

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  • Advantages of Palm Tungsten?

    Have about a 2 weeks of GTD under my belt and it's going fantastic. Feeling a new sense of control that I haven't had in years.

    Started with my first try at a handheld at the same time. (If you're going to jump in, I guess you really should just jump...

    It's a palm 515 that I bought some time ago and it was one (of the many) things sitting around on the shelf. Got it up and going and I'm working fine with synching it to Outlook with the GTD add in.

    Using it right out of the box with no added software.

    My question is that I see lots of folks raving about the Tungsten and was wondering what practical advantages it had over the 515 (or other models)

    Thanks for the input!


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    Hi Joe,

    1. Speed -- Huge differences here. When I first got my Tungsten, I put it side-by-side with my m505 and was amazed at how much faster the T is.

    2. Size -- Not a major difference, but the T is slightly smaller when closed.

    3. Storage space -- I can't remember how much room a 515 has, but the T has 16MB built in which is nice.

    Color is beautiful on the T, and brightness can be adjusted. This is another one I can't remember about the 515 though, sorry.

    If you use, or want to use, a voice recorder, it's built into the T. The navigation dial thing is handy for one-handed operation (though I don't think it's fully utilized in all 3rd party software yet).

    The sliding button pad over the Graffiti area is different, and for the most part it is nice too. I've found myself using it closed more than I originally thought I would. It took me a bit of getting used to though, there is a slight "lip" under the Graffiti area which got in the way of my writing (and sometimes still does). Writing is sometimes awkward because I tend to rest my hand on the button area, and I worry that I'll press one on accident. Also, the slider will sometimes "slip" closed on accident depending on how I'm holding the device.

    All in all, there's really no *need* to upgrade. But those are the primary differences and reasons I can think of that someone might want to



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      dust under screen?

      I'm interested in getting a Tungsten as well (since the prices have dropped) but I've read on other forums that flecks of dust seem to appear under the screen. Has anyone else noticed this?


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        How is the battery life? Do you find it on the charger more often than in your hand?



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          Remy: I live in a place which gets sandblasted almost all hours of the day this time of year, and I've noticed no problems with dust under the screen. All over it now... that's a different story

          Robert: My office is at home and I don't travel much, so my Palm is in and out of the cradle all day. I haven't stress tested the battery that I'm aware of, but I can tell you I've read books for several hours straight before having to charge. If I had to guess I'd say 5-8 hours of straight use before charge is needed. And if I'm not mistaken, this is about the straight use I got out of my Vx and 505.

          Hope that helps,