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Getting Things Done...FAST!

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  • Getting Things Done...FAST!

    Out of curiousity, has anyone listened to the GTDFast series?

    8 CD's...a LIVE recording of David Allen delivering the GTD seminar. We've had some great feedback on to hear from any Bulletin Board lurkers who have heard it!

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    The CD's

    Count me in. I really got a lot out of them.

    Got the book on CD and...

    I also own the old Managing Action & Projects tape too!

    Here's the rest of my inventory of David Allen stuff.

    The Microsoft Outlook .pdf
    All of the newsletters since they were made available
    Virtually the whole old website ( burned onto a CD somewhere in my files)
    The whole Barnes & Noble Course saved to disk & printed.

    It has all been helpful as well the GTD add-in.

    But...I am still not totally satisfied with MY USE OF THIS METHODOLOGY because it requires total vigilance & weekly review & it will get out of hand as fast as your InBox gets full.

    If only I could focus with all of my left brain & rigidly free myself up to enjoy knowing that I don't have anything to remember because it's all written down.

    I will not give up until I give up! And I have not given up.


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      GTD fast!

      Yup, I own it and the old managing actions and projects series also.

      GTD fast is a great investment--definitely adds more clarity to the book.
      I own the audible version of the book also (wasn't as impressed with it --too condensed)

      Would really like to see leveraging focus and vision seminar put to cd format


      Ps --we've discussed GTD fast a few times on the board already . Should show up in the archives etc.


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        Getting things done fast

        i went to the 2 day seminar in 2001 and will probably go again. In the meantime the CD is terrific. Its a great motivator and every time I listen to it I get something out of it.


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          Getting Things Done Fast

          I am in the process of listening to these. I've been using GTD methods for about 2 years now. The tapes have been fantastic to listen to and they've actually helped me decide to try a few of the things that I didn't think I needed before. I'm a mom who stays at home to homeschool her children so I wondered if the tapes would be much more help then the book was. They definitely are. I've had a number of friends ask me to help them set up this system and it works well for all of us who are willing to put in the committment to do the weekly review and get everything written down as soon as we think of it.



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            I highly recommened the Fast tapes or CDs as you can listen while you drive or while you empty your in-box, but sooner or later one should read the book, I think both!. I found the book too challenging at first (in fact, incomprehensible being both so simple and so new interms of vocabulary and challenging of my Covey-based ways), then I saw a discussion of the two-minute "do-it" rule that came up on a forum where people were discussing getting side-tracked. My wish to clarify that lead me back to the book. Then I took the Barenes and Noble course, which I highy recommend, too. Then I got the condensed book on tape from our library but it was in such demand that I had to return it, so I bought the FAST set. By the way, when I contacted Nightingale-Conant they claimed they didn't have anything by DA or with GTD in title--so I just stumbled on the FAST set when it was mentioned in this forum.


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              am i going mad?

              i thought that there was an option a month or two to 'download' these cd's but now that has gone. as i'm in australia the cost of postage gets a bit high so i'm a bit disheartened that this option is no longer available otherwise I would have been really keen to have a listen.

              i downloaded the add-in this way - is the only way to go.....

              let us know if that is a possibility in the future

              regards Helen


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                GTD Fast

                Got my local public library to buy the CD's. It took a while but it was worth the wait.

                Great reinforcement and much easier to take in with Davids great converstional tone.


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                  Re: Getting Things Done...FAST!

                  Originally posted by Jason Womack
                  Out of curiousity, has anyone listened to the GTDFast series?
                  I have the older MAP Tapes, the current GTD CD's, and of course the book(one copy at home another at work - reference ).

                  So far I have to say I like the older tapes series (MAP) better than the current Fast CD. The book is my manual, never too far away.


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                    Resurrecting an old thread:

                    I listened to and digested the GTD Fast CDs over the past week, and I couldn't resist quickly saying how THRILLED I was with them! Absolutely amazing. For some reason, hearing this information after having read it repeatedly and worked with it really opened my eyes to why and how this stuff works.

                    The biggest epiphany for me: It's all about my project list and my weekly review. That drives everything. If my project list isn't in order, up to date, accurate, and complete, and if I haven't gone through a weekly review to revisit each of my projects, no amount of work on my NAs will get me where I want to be: to have stuff off my mind so that I can be free to think and do without distraction.

                    While the book was quite possibly the best $20 I've spent, the CDs are easily the best $90 I've spent.


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                      Any New CD's on the Horizon

                      I am soooo fond of the GTDFast! CD's that I want to know are there any new CD's on the Horizon!

                      I would love to have CD's of the LEVERAGING FOCUS AND VISON seminar as well; since I have never been able to attend one.



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                        Barnes & Noble Course?

                        What is this? I know about the Fast Cds and have heard that DA has some seminars, but Barnes and Noble ????


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                          Re: GTD Fast

                          Originally posted by DM
                          Got my local public library to buy the CD's. It took a while but it was worth the wait.

                          Great reinforcement and much easier to take in with Davids great converstional tone.
                          First time user here, still learning.   Got "Ready for Anything" as Christmas gift and am listening to GTD on cd.  Really good stuff.[/list][/list]


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                            I enjoyed the GTDFast CDs, but I felt that is would have been hard to implement the program just from the CDs themselves. I had already read GTD and I know the program, so the CDs provided reinforcement and brought out some things that I missed in the book. I lent the CDs to my girlfriend but told her if she likes what she hears she will need to read the GTD book to get things in the proper order and this is what I would tell anyone else.


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                              Re: Barnes & Noble Course?

                              Originally posted by rowel
                              What is this? I know about the Fast Cds and have heard that DA has some seminars, but Barnes and Noble ????
                              I hope these links work...