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  • LOVE and GTD

    DA says in order to have an effective system, you have to get everything out of your head, leave nothing uncaptured. So does that include love life? Do you turn courtship into a project, envision successful outcome, and define NAs? For example, youíre planning a date, so you use all the methods described in project planning. But after all the NAs are already defined and others put into their proper buckets, you canít stop Ďdaydreamingí about the successful outcome. Does this mean there are still some loose ends not yet fully captured? And what if defining NAs isnít as easy? You canít decide what gift to buy her, whether to call her tonight or go to her house instead. Hereís another scenario: after a successful date you canít help but reminisce the moments, how u both had a great time, what you talked about, etc... I donít mind thinking about these stuff but it isnít very productive if sheís always on your mind. Itís taking up space in the psychic RAM. I take it from DA Ďif itís on your mind, itís probably not getting done.í Fine, she isnít my girl yet, so technically, the project isnít Ďdone.í But you canít expect it to all happen in just a couple of days. So what? You put it on your calendar and define milestones? Is it really possible to capture everything in the right buckets and forget about her? Apologies if I sound slow witted here. Any comment would be highly appreciated.

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    I think that could be fixed with time scheduling approach. I mean you have time to spend in a school or university that's scheduled so you can schedule your free time as well or the time you want to spend with your future girl. You can have NAs there for sure But any schedule has exceptions so LOVE project could be exception to this rule where you can forget about any schedules and projects and do what comes into your head first. Maybe in DA's approach it's another style of doing: there're three - do what scheduled, do what comes first and process.

    Any other ideas?




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      A date is a calendar item.
      Buying flowers is a next action. (0K)
      A special Valentine's day dinner is a project. (10K)
      Your girlfriend is an area of focus. (20K)
      Exploring the possibility of marriage is a 1-2 year goal. (30K)
      Having a happy marriage is a life goal. (50K)

      Ruthless execution of the plan is the key here, especially at the higher levels. My wife and I have been married for 30 years.


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        Thanks for the comments. Iím just trying to explore the subtleties here. Could it be that there are still some actionable items in places that are not effectively reminding me to take action, so thatís why I couldnít stop thinking about her? Maybe I havenít gathered 100 percent of the incompletes, or maybe thereís something wrong with the NAs that Iíve defined thatís why itís creating psychic noise and nagging me about itÖ because when it comes to other projects, I can relax and keep it out of my mind once Iíve captured everything to my trusted system. But thatís not the case when it comes to the love project.


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          Very simple: logic says everything is taken care of. Hormones say not. Hormones win every single time.

          The same is also true if some stress related to a project gives you a sufficiently strong shot of adrenaline. You won't be able to focus on anything else until the adrenaline wears off, which may or may not coincide with completion of the project.