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Where to keep that form?

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  • Where to keep that form?

    You receive a form that nees to be returned in three weeks. Where to leave the form?

    -Do you create a Next Action for it and keep it with you in a folder "forms and mail"?
    -Do you store it in the ticklerfile in the next day and postpone it untill you feel like it?

    any suggestions?

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    Originally posted by
    any suggestions?
    Hi Sander,

    I have right under my inbox a tray that is called actions support. It your situation I would make a next action in my tasklist and put a banner in my calendar the last day I can return the form within the three weeks as a reminder that this either had to be done or needs to be done on that day. THe form goes in the action support tray.



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      Originally posted by Kiddo
      I have right under my inbox a tray that is called actions support.
      Great Idea. Because I live a lot out of my Laptopbag, I'll create a Actions Support folder and create a Next Action wit a due date.


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        I'd put it in my Tickler file for the earliest day I'm likely to complete it, making sure the deadline is clearly indicated.

        * Complete simple forms immediately, under the two-minute rule.
        * Make sure the form isn't a project in disguise. Income taxes require much more organization than conference registrations.