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Too many Next Actions!

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  • Too many Next Actions!

    I've searched the archives and have read GTD over and over again, but am not finding the answer I'm looking for. Any guidance or advice would be appreciated.

    I've been using GTD for about 2 years now. I work two jobs (one as an employee, the other as a consultant in similar line of work) and use Outlook and a Pocket PC to implement the GTD system between my work computer and my consulting computer.

    I've modified the GTD system a bit to reflect my dual roles with the main categories broken down into "Work," "Studio," and "Home." Studio refers to my consulting business.

    Projects are tracked as Tasks in Outlook with notes in the notes section. From this, I create my Next Action list and place them in context specific categories, such as "@Computer-Work," "@Computer-Studio," etc. BTW, 99% of what I do is behind a computer.

    I have too many Next Actions on my Studio list. At work, I have 9 hours to handle my workload every day so there isn't quite the urgency to handle the work flow. I can use the "relaxed" method of GTD to accomplish my assignments at work.

    My Studio work, however, is limited to about 2 hours in the evening, and I have a full plate...probably enough to work full-time for about 7-10 days.

    Obviously, it's important for me to put some sort of priority to my Studio Next Actions. Should I pull out the top 3 items that I SHOULD (not NEED)have completed today, and put them as a calendar entry? Or, should I just float about and pick whatever I feel like doing? This latter method isn't working for me.


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    Do What's Important to your Objectives

    My suggestions: Do the things that most fit your Objectives. If you can't do it all yourself, then tone down your Objectives or hire someone to do the Work that you don't have time for.