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[OT, joke] How to get organized

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  • [OT, joke] How to get organized

    My sister was bemoaning the fact that she had
    procrastinated cleaning and organizing her house
    for a long time. Since she was planning to
    entertain, she felt a lot of pressure to get
    moving. That afternoon she phoned, sounding glum.

    "I went to the bookstore," she explained, "and I
    bought a book on how to get organized. I was all
    fired up, and I decided to clean out all the
    shelves in the living room. While I was cleaning,
    I found the same darn book. I had bought it a
    couple of years ago!"
    I wonder what was the title of the book.

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    I remember the time a number of years ago, at a restaurant, I explained to a friend where I finally found my copy of the book, "File, Don't Pile". People looked at us strangely as we registered our appreciation of the ironies of life.


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      These are really funny. Very true for most of us at some point in life (often, repeatedly).

      By the way, my GTD is going (on a scale of 0 to 10) at about 5-6. Many GTD concepts HAVE become natural or even second nature but I am still not quite where I want to be.

      I know I don't check in here very often but I do read the board at least once a month. I have become more comfortable with GTD over the years, and can see progress (albeit slow) over time. Hope everyone does too!