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  • ***Gtd Skype Audio Blog***

    Hello folks , my name is Jorge Ledesma(previous username: dmd1272 in all gtd groups including yahoo, I've written several gtd setups for Shadow and Dbk5 in past) and I'm starting a Skype audio blog where we can chat Gtd topics live in realtime, the start date and time is today Friday Sept. 8 at 8pm-9pm EST, my skype username is jorgeledesmadds I hope to see you tonight, have a great day everyone.

    PM me with your skype username so I can start the hosting

    Tonites topics: include higher level planning goals, setting up next actions, project planning, and anything else we can talk about.

    ***Important Note***
    This is not a technical support audio blog, where people can call in and explain the problems they are having with certain software but instead a nice hearty conversation about gtd topics.
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    That would be interesting... are you planning on making this a weekly meeting or monthly meeting. I cannot get into the meeting today, but will love to get the next time


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      Maybe weekly or bi-weekly depending on the number of participants, by the way I've enjoyed reading your posts !!


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        Another thing I know that Fridays sometimes can be a pain so we could change that as well perhaps on Saturday, we can plan it though, after the first couple of weeks then we'll set a set schedule so its fair for everyone.


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          Hi Jorge,

          Do you know what time this would be here in the UK? I would like to join in but it may be too late for me.




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            Hello Carol,

            I don't know but we'll figure it out and I'll reply in a few minutes.


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              Carol, looking at my spd time application for Pocket PC it would be 1am in the UK at 8pm eastern time in the United States, Miami has the time zone as New York by the way. Maybe I'll see you then


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                Gtd Skype Audio Blog conference room details

                The Gtd Skype Audio Blog conference room number is : 5685001

                From Skype dial +99008275685001 and follow the prompts the Gtd Skype Audio Blog conference room number is : 5685001

                Dialing from a regular phone in the United States call 1-712-432-4000 long distance costs may apply depending on your long distance plan

                In Europe, call:
                Austria 0820 400 01562
                Belgium 0703 59 984
                France 0826 100 266
                Germany 01805 00 7620

                UK 0870 119 2350

                the Gtd Skype Audio Blog conference room number is : 5685001

                The conference is free but national rate charges will apply to these calls.