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Please suggest the first action for this project!

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  • Please suggest the first action for this project!

    Applying GTD to things rather than ideas and I don't know how to begin! My boss (company owner) has offered for me to move from the worst small office in the suite to the best and largest. But, there is one condition--the good office is filled with stuff and she wants me to find places within the office suite for the all of the furnishings, equipment (easels, printers, phones, lamps, art work, mirrors, holiday items and supplies that have been left in that room. Some of this is might prove to be highly desirable (little frig, computer tables, side chairs, plant stands, dictionaries and reference books, exercise equipement, pinball machine) and some just junk, some possibly repairable (4 drawer file cabinet but one drawer won't shut all the way). She doesn't want anything thrown out until I have ascertained that it either has no place in the suite whatsoever or that it is not worth repairing. She also wants little disruption so she doesn't want any trial and error moving things around the suite since she finds that totally awful and doesn't want to pay people to move stuff more than once. By way of history, that office was first set up by a past associate who left in the night so to speak (some items belonged to the business and some were his), then added to by a temporary "consultant" who also disappeared, and then used by temps who brought and left things and then as various employees have gone through life issues it has become a warehouse. Her order to me is: keep everything but give it a well functioning and good looking location. I can redistribute to my old small office, two other partially furnished offices that don't have employees in them now but will soon, any of the several "public "parts of the suite, and into any other space if it improves it. Believe me, many improvements can be made. I can't see my way through this one!

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    What to do?


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      I'd start with the successful outcome. That's you all moved into and enjoying your new large office with all items successfully moved or disposed of.

      Then the first action I think would be to catalog on paper everything in the larger office. You need a complete list of what is there before you can plan where things will go.


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        Can't Resist a Challenge

        Presumably if you are posting here, you have a GtD system in mind. So try adapting the Workflow diagram. Suppose that the Room is the Inbox - everything has already been Collected in the Room. Next, Process each item sequentially - answer the Processing questions. Process each item before moving on to the next item. Process sequentially, e.g., start in one corner and work your way around the walls and then the interior. Organize your answers into tentative categories (trash, donate, relocate, repair and relocate, etc.) and then discuss with boss and firm up category allocations. Create Projects for items requiring repair or specialist movers.

        Project: My new Office is beautiful.
        Next Action: Process each item GtD-style.

        Good luck. If this works, I have a a garage......