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Palm wins over the procrastinator extraordinaire!

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  • Palm wins over the procrastinator extraordinaire!

    While my week was not so hot in the organisation arena I did have one small victory which I shall report.

    It was regarding those 'critical calls' - and probably you use it already this system but I'll tell you what worked a tiny bit!

    I was stretched to the max yesterday but had some critical calls to make.
    One was to a place where I did not even have the phone number but I managed to recover because the place I was visiting had internet access so I could look it up. I scanned the day on the tungsten for any windows of free time and in the centre of those free time slots I spaced the critical phone calls - with the number - eg 11am start 11am end Call Blah blah 9999-0000 with the alarm set. The best thing is that it flashes up in your face all the details - and I find it harder to ignore that - if I leave it as a non timed entry or note on the 'day' or worse still as just a 'task' - I will too often say 'nope I"m out of control, I will have to leave that to later' - even if it is very important - but with it 'interupting' my access to the palm until I tick it as done, I found I HAD to do it.

    I'm going to use it more, especially for those that I have resistance to. See if I can reduce the lists that way.

    Might help others with the resistance I experience.

    (Perhaps I should do a similar thing for 'process in box'.... it might actually work!!)

    cheers Helen

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    Great article on the "Palm" system