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The most convinient way to write Next Action

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  • The most convinient way to write Next Action

    It looks like I have a brain dump today I mentioned that I tend to do more Next Actions connected with the most important projects. As such do you think it will ease the process if I put project name in the beginning of the Next Action line? For example, Re-energize the body - go for a work out (where Re-energize the body is a Project name and Go for a work out is a Next Action)?



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    I've actually been thinking of doing the same thing, based on making my weekly reviews a little easier to track. Thinking of adding an abbreviated project name next to the relevant NAs. I think I'll probably start, because as it stands, even though my work is largely project based, I find that I usually spend most of my focus on the NA lists, but the project lists really in some ways only get reviewed at the WR.