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Please help with papersoft

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  • Please help with papersoft

    I am trying to install papersoft 9 after installing a pirate paperport 11 version of papersoft it says internal error 2723 newproductfound I have uninstalled all the files using tools have got a secure antivirus and spyware, it is finding a program that is left behind from paperport 11 can anyone help me.

    you can also email me too if you know what file is giving me the problems.


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    Don't use the named software ... however the following may assist:

    This is also a good reason to take great care with 'pirate' software! Remember in the good old days pirates were hung for their activities, to day software firms just cripple your machine. Good luck and if you need additional help look to google.


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      Need help followed refrences they didn't work

      Please help anyone I followed the above instruiction and did not succeed in installing

      Builder do you know how I can run a debug or some program to find out what procedure is being called to display new product found I have xp home if you know of some program I can download to do this I'll be able to delet this newproductfound call.

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        Time to call in the cavalry

        I run Apple OS so I'm unable to assist.

        If your really having problems, you may want to think about using "geeks on call" or a similar firm.

        For a FEE they will assist you ...