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  • Blackberry

    Anyone successfully using a RIM Blackberry with GTD?

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    While I've been lovin my BB for a couple of years now, I long ago accepted the fact that it's about email, period. It's PIM functions are as laughable as its email is stellar. Hence, after disappointment with a PocketPC (gets as screwy as its desktop cousin with prolonged use), I moved to a PalmOS and have been completely satisfied ever since .... well, mostly. Ideally, the BB auto-push email would be combined with the PalmOS (stability and software up the wazoo <-- the latter proving critical, for me, re GTD implementation). Looks like that will be a reality, prior to the end of this year. Handspring has been in talks with RIM to license the BB-esque factor; a new device is "scheduled" for this summer. Meanwhile, a new company-- Hunatech-- is about to release a PalmOS5 device WITH **true** push email. Greyscale though. More info and pics at:

    P.S. Yeah, I'm aware of the Tungsten W. Two problems. AT&T has yet to deal with reality as regards pricing for the data component. And, the email deal is strictly manual. The BB has truly ruined me in terms of elevated email expectations!



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      GTD on Blackberry

      I just started using GTD on a BlackBerry 7290 recently. At first I was still using a Palm to complement my system, but I've now evolved 100% onto the Blackberry (complemented by and sync'd to MS Outlook) and it's the fastest/best GTD system I've had so far (since starting GTD 4yrs ago).

      I just started posting some of the details of how I set it up (category structure, tagging,etc) on my "gtd/workflow management hobbyist" blog:



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        Although I have a BB (7510); I don't use it for GTD. A bit to primitive for my taste! However, after looking at Steve's blog, I'm a little more interested.

        For now, I'm using my iPaq 3870, synced to Outlook 2003 which is setup using David's "outlook pdf" instructions. Works fantastically for me with no add-on programs needed. (Only problems are that entering a task on the iPaq is cumbersome; and when you mark a task as "private" in Outlook, you can't see it on the iPaq!)

        Problem is, I now carry an iPaq, a BB (both belong to my employer), *and* a personal cell phone...thus necessitating that I carry a "man bag" around everwhere I go. If I could run GTD from my BB, then I might be able to ditch the bag, and carry my life on my the good old days!

        So I'll be watching this thread, and Steve's blog, for tips.


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          I was a skeptic too, being a Palm/Treo/PPC fan... I've had many devices, per the list on one of my Blog postings (close to 50 PDA's in the past ~10yrs). And I have (in the past) been highly skeptical of the Blackberry's adequacy as a "GTD-able" PDA - for a couple of years now (this is my third BB since 03'; I returned the first two after trials).

          So it is with some surprise that I find myself (after giving up on Treo 600/650's after 9 devices, as documented over 18 months on jettisoning the Palm/T5 and becoming satisfied with the Blackberry7290 as my core PDA/GTD portable device. I'm also benefiting from all the extra time being "Palm device/PPC-less" frees up - it's nearly as god as going back to pencil and paper, or (forbid) Moleskine notebooks and index cards

          I suppose it's also influenced by happily using Outlook a lot on a VAIO S360 subnote and shifting my expectations as to the PDA/Smartphone, as it is about the Blackberry getting better.

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