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GTD and a Fast Sales Tool

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  • GTD and a Fast Sales Tool

    I am a Sales Manager for a Hardware Distribution Company.

    Most of my job is to track distribution channels that will sell the product, I did ot deal with end custumer and it is not a one time sale, since my success depend in my repeat business, in guarantee that the product the distributors and retailers got from me move in their end...

    I also travel around 2 weeks a month, so mobility is crucial for me here, since I trust my Treo a lot for everything.

    Until now I have survive with Outlook and the Treo with no problems, but the territory is growing, my responsabilities are growing and I am looking for a Solution.

    I think Outlook can do the job, but I want to find a document, white paper or information on how to play with outlook to make it more effective.

    I also have the add in, and have try Act (too Slow) and BCM (Do not sync with Treo)

    I will really like to keep using outlook since my personal system is in outlook.

    I will love feedback. I am not interested in test software unless is really was and light, I want more a way to play and make outlook works better for my sales process, even better if it is as fast in the treo site.


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    Not a Outlook user, nevertheless your issue is a real one that should be addressed. Where possible it is my belief that you should scale up your current system. After all your new responsibilities place enough stress on you without the added stress of a new system.

    Turning to Outlook, I would suggest that you start with the MS web site ... they have a lot of "paper" posted that may answer your questions. Additionally, the following 2 books got a mention in a earlier post and my read of the Amazon comments was that a lot of people found the books useful. One of the authors claims to have been involved with the development of GTD!

    'Take Back Your Life' by S McGhee
    'Total Workday Control' by M Linenberger


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      Thanks ReBuild, I have read both books. I continue keeping my system in outlook, and decide to leave it there for now, at least until something faster shows up.