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d3 (d-cubed): Has anyone tried it?

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  • d3 (d-cubed): Has anyone tried it?

    Being a restless soul, I've stopped using a spreadsheet to record my GTD system and I started using dcubed . According to the blurb from the main website page "This system attempts to capture the essence of a "kinkless" GTD system using TiddlyWiki . The most important aspect of this effort is to minimally introduce important "Getting Things Done" features with an interface that is streamlined, intuitive, and clean, without going overboard on "nice to have" plug-ins and experimental features. This application currently assumes that you are familiar with TiddlyWiki..."

    Searching this forum I notice that GTDTiddlywiki has been discussed here a few months ago, but not dcubed. I think dcubed is much better than GTDTiddlywiki, while having all the benefits of being a single HTML file, portable, viewable on practically any major browser, customizable etc.

    I urge you to experiment with it, especially if your GTD system is computer reliant, like mine. One word of caution. There is a learning curve that you may find steep at first, but believe me, it flattens out fairly fast. There is a Google discussion Group (GTD TiddlyWiki) where I read some useful tips about dcubed.

    Finally, but equally important, dcubed is free software.

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    I checked it out a while ago. It seemed the best of the Tiddlywiki adaptions for GTD. The trouble as you mention with any Tiddlywiki based solutions to GTD is there is too much temptation to 'tweak' the system by adding in more plugins etc. For those that can resist the temptation it looked like it would be useful.


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      I've tried it and thought it excellent. But in order to fit in with my system I would need it to print onto 3x5 cards.

      And although it should do this, I can't make it happen... oh well.


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        Originally posted by shadowfirebird
        ... But in order to fit in with my system I would need it to print onto 3x5 cards.
        Perhaps using a utility such as Fine Print may help.