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High Altitudes?

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  • High Altitudes?

    I was doodling around today and wrote on my workflow diagram. i wrote a path off of the actionable: YES portion. I kind of amended the workflow diagram....

    Does the project have a definite outcome? IF no, its an area of focus.
    Does the area of focus have 1-2 year goals? then those are OBJECTIVES.
    And finally, what do the objectives look like when they are visualized...

    and maybe... how does this benefit your life purpose and support your life principles?

    I am looking for some conversation regarding this... is this too much thinking to add to the diagram? pros? cons? I feel like I get the CONTROL portion (or am starting to...) now I am looking to add some perspective via the things that I process..... any advice/ comments would be appreciated...

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    How often do you add new areas of focus?

    In my case, it's generally no more often than once or twice a year, if then. So adding areas of focus to my daily inbox processing would be overkill.

    However, the approach you outline might be very helpful at Weekly Review time, or whenever you're thinking about projects that don't seem to be moving.



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      Perspective Cont.

      i have heard that this usually is a "rabbit hole" that I am messing with: tweaking the system rather that DOING. My goal with all of this is to STIR ALL OF MY POTS... I get hyperfocused on things in my life and would like to have a level of MAINTENANCE where I can make sure that nothing is "sticking to the bottom."

      In an effort to get the most help/advice with this I am going to paste in my actual areas of focus... most of them are right from DA, but some are customized. Once I have these blueprinted, how do folks go about reviewing these and gaining "perspective?"

      Areas of focus:
      Health, spiritual, Family, relationships, Personal Development, Household organization, Energy, Creative Expression, Service, Finances, Fun/Recreation, Friends

      Job Description and Duties:
      Sales, marketing, promotion, education, securing customer contacts, develops strategies to enhance product/name recognition in residential market through shows, public contact, develop overall marketing strategy, Professional development, SALES PROCESS IMPROVEMENT