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Outlook to TimeDesign and Back

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  • Outlook to TimeDesign and Back

    Long time reader, first time poster

    First of all, a big thank you to everyone for all the informative posts and especially DA for having this public forum.

    With that said, I've been an avid Franklin man for years but after moving moving tons of tasks daily, I went to their software. Long and short, this was painful and I'm sure their products are more reliable, but it was a real headache for me.

    I found GTD and soon purchased the add-in. Once going, I was happy with the simplicity and the ease that the system worked. Taking some hints from Michael Hyatt's blog, I added a @! TODAY as an additional 'what am I accomplishing at a minimum today? What HAS to be done today??' category. My Franklin past had me adding a MTL or Master Task List category. Aside from that, its basic GTD.

    I'm a telecom admin and while I spend most of my time at my desk, I miss the day planner days when I'm out and about in other offices or in our plant.
    The blackberry just isn't the repository of knowledge that my laptop is and my day planner was. Anyway, I'm impressed with the timedesign stuff but one day was enough to realize that I'm too hooked on the ease of GTD and outlook. Worse case is documentation needs to be available in a condensed form and thrown in my toolbag, etc. when I have to roam.

    I'm back to Outlook and GTD.

    NOTE: This is not a 'for sale' post but if anyone is interested in the timedesign stuff I just received yesterday, I'd much rather help someone here than fleabay. If this is seen as just spam, please edit out this note as this is not my intention. Thank you!

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    I have been tempted for the TimeDesign many times, I even took their training online but never took the step to get their product.

    Can you be kind to elaborate more in why the system did not work for you and why you jump back to Outlook and the add-in.



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      If the normal 20-25% away from desk time I normally have through the work day changed to being 40-50%, this would change...but as it is now, its just simpler and easier for me to process everything, plan etc via outlook as opposed to a paper based planner.

      I love the fold over activities checklist pages so you can have your to do list on the left side and your 'do today' and calendar stuff on the right. I think Franklin could enhance their product by adding this little extra. There is nothing 'wrong' with the time design setup...its good, everything is nice and I love a great quality binder and more to the point, I just like day planners in general but I'm back to the whole "this is just quicker and easier" so thats it.

      My solution is going to be, in addition to my procedure / documentation manual, to add a smaller condensed version that travels with me between buildings, etc.

      My working setup:

      Outlook / GTD addin

      Blackberry (corporate setup so I have my outlook tasks, etc. with me)

      Large 8 1/2 by 11 notebook full of documentation goodies next to the pc as a quick reference

      Notetaker wallet (well a johnson and murphy one)

      Folder on server that has related word docs / spreadsheets, etc.

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        Ok I understand, thanks a lot!


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          I'm gonna ebay the time design stuff if I don't hear from anyone today. Thanks and a big THANKS again to everyone that makes this forum a great place to learn!


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            I am going to ebay my TimeDesign stuff too.