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  • Happy Discovery

    This really wont mean much.. but it may benefit someone to hear of my "discovery." I know this may be common sense.. but it was a big AH HA!

    I have been using the Moleskine/Palm Combo for my thought/task collection and then processing into the palm. I usually Mind Sweep some great stuff but never really have immediate places to park this information. Today, I started to just organize all of the random thinking about current projects and I attached them as notes to the corresponding projects. This was my way of having a project support file on my Palm for each of my projects. Phone numbers, addresses, ad hoc thinking all have places now... And best yet during the weekly review I can print out a quick list with all of the relevent notes to shake out any more next actions.

    Does anyone else do this? Am I missing something that would add even more value?


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    Do it all the time, even from the beggining of my GTD on Palm adventure! One other thing I do is to "archive" the project to my Palm memos using cut and paste, so all those notes and information I get down in the course of the project is there for me to reference the next time I start a similar project (e.g., an annual event that I plan for).


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      Thanks Bill... Nice thought.