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Easy way to attach project support material?

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  • Easy way to attach project support material?

    I'm using Outlook 2003 and the GTD Add-in and am having some difficulty finding an easy method to attach project support material.

    For example, I have a project with a next action, but I get an email that isn't directly related to that next action, so where does it go?

    Also, I have a project with a NA and I get an email that IS related to it. How do I easily add this to that next action task without manually having to open up the task and dragging the email into the body of the task?

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    I use Outlook 2003 as well. Each project I have is listed as a task in the @Project context. WHen things come up that correspond to a certain project I attach that email or document in the note section of the task. This works quite well for me but I usually limit it to emails related to a project or plans related to that project. Other support material is kept in a folder for that particular project because my network has a limit on the hard drive space I can use.


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      I do the same, but is there an easy way to, perhaps, click on the email and click on attach to project. I guess that feature's not available in the GTD Add-in, but I think it would be a good one.


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        Project Support Materials

        There are several approaches depending upon what you want to accomplish...

        1. E-mail is project related and relevant to a next action.

        If the e-mail has the same conversation id as the next action you can use the "Related Task button" to tie it to the next action. If the conversation id is different you can either manually move the e-mail to the next action, or choose another option.

        2. E-mail is project related but not relevant to the next action:

        You could:

        a.) manually drag the e-mail to the project task. I haven't tried this, but it would seem to me that the project task would become cluttered...

        b.) File the e-mail into a project task folder (either in your inbox, or better, in a pst subfolder for mail.) I did this for a while and found the folder hierarchy to be problematic. Simply too many projects...

        c.) File the e-mail into a pst and assign a project tag to it using the GTD Add-in functionality. This is what I currently do and in my archive.pst file I have a mail folder that I can group, sort, filter, etc. by project. Seems to work relatively well for project support material and gives me enough of an audit trail that I can usually find what I need.

        d.) Save the e-mail as a .msg file to your project support folder on your hard-drive. Haven't tried this and it seems to me it would be difficult to manage..

        Anyone else handle this differently?