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Tasks grouping by current time

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  • Tasks grouping by current time

    Hey guys,

    I use Outlook 2003 and use the Categories as my contexts. I also group these categories as my contexts. Due to my profession, I have to have some of them that only can be done at certain times of the day. Normally, I don't want to see these categories at all in my task view during the day, but would like to see them at night. Is there a way to create a custom view in Outlook that will reference the current time to show groups in a custom task view?

    It would be great to hide all the tasks that I can't do during the day when it's night time and vice versa!

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    Grouping Tasks by Context

    I created a Task view which is grouped by Category (context). This is my default view when I go to the Tasks pane. Wherever I am, I collapse the contexts that I can't do anything with and expand the ones that are available. So at work I collapse the @ComputerPersonal, @Home, etc. I open @Errands in the morning to see if there is anything I could do from that list at some time during the day.



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      You might need to have 2 categories for Morning & Night. So something like: Errands@Morning and Errands@Night.

      Also you will need to assign a start time to each task.

      If you do that, you can use the Filter (Customize Current View > Filter) and in the Tasks tab, select the start time attribute.

      The other option is to use flags, and flag items that are done at night. Then you can use the More Choices tab and filter by flags.

      Hmmm... I just realized that my suggestion is kinda of tedious because if you are already using 2 categories then you could simply put the task in the appropriate category...


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        I already collapse the categories that I can't do anything with. I was just hoping I could get a little more automation and have Outlook do it for me, but I guess it won't work.


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          As info, MyLifeOrganized can do this. You define the hours and/or days that each context is "open" and the action list show only the contexts.