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Is the GTD/Outlook plug-in suitable for me?

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  • Is the GTD/Outlook plug-in suitable for me?


    I'm a sole practicioner, with a fairly light email volume, which I can deal with fairly quickly as it comes in. However, my schedule and task list are both very complex.

    For instance, on my calendar, I like to track:
    - meetings with clients which result in revenue to me and additional tasks (which I would like to color code by client)
    - meetings with prospects which result in future tasks but no revenue
    - program deliveries which result in revenue to me but no future tasks (which I would like to color code by client)
    - tentative program deliveries, for which I need to block time, but which may get cancelled (which I would like to color code by client)
    - personal appointments which I must attend (Dr, banker, etc)
    - fun and games (concerts, festivals, restaurant reservations, get-togethers) which I may or may not actually attend
    - schedules of other people with whom I work
    - informational appointments which require nothing from me (cleaning service, birthdays, anniversaries, and the like)

    My tasks are similarly complex.

    Will Mr. Allen's system help me?


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    Would it help you?

    You seem to have very specific requirements for the program(s) you use, and David Allen does not advocate any specific hardware/software. So in that sense, I think you won't find what you are looking for here.

    If you are interested in a philosophy of personal management that many have found very helpful, I suggest you browse in the Tips and Tools section, and see if anything there has value for you. On the other hand, if you are happy with your current practices, then you may not want to bother.



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      Re: Would it help you?

      More specifically, the Outlook add-in is designed to be helpful for some people who happen to use Outlook, who are comfortable with David Allen's approach. If Outlook doesn't meet your needs in the first place, the add-in isn't going to do you much good.



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        What are you using now to track this?

        Are you tracking this on a particular computer program or paper? Did this system evolve or did you take from one of the time management guru systems & modify it for your needs?

        Just curious - I like to hear how people do there stuff. I often wonder what I'd be doing today if I was never introduced to Covey, Franklin, Franklin-Covey, Lotus, Above & Beyond, Anytime, ad nauseum.