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Business and Leisure magazines clipping and filing

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  • Business and Leisure magazines clipping and filing

    I have found the book a revelation. The one area that I have not been able to master is my magazine pile. I have a range of Marketing,Golf,current affairs,Food magazines, each containing valuable hints and tips.

    I inevitably get behind and I dont throw them out in case I miss anything that will change my golf swing,my diet or my strategic thinking.

    I eventually scan the magazines,cut out the interesting articles and then put them in a pile in the office to read and dutifully file. Well the pile gets bigger and the reading and filing gets more daunting.

    Has anyone found the holy grail in processing retrieving and filing business and leisure information effectively

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    I'm not certain if it's a holy grail, but I handle periodicals two different ways:

    1. Magazines I wish to collect in total, I shelve nicely as anyone else would.

    2. Magazines from which I only want snippets, images, small articles of interest or pertinent to my profession, I rip the good stuff and toss the rest, just like you do.

    This pile is then sorted into very large 3 ring binders in which I have plastic sleeves, much like a photo album. I loosely group according to Horticulture, Design, and Engineering (I'm a Landscape Architect). Further subsets of each category are fluid but could contain sections like 'intriguing plant combinations', new cultivars', 'cool bark', 'bridges', 'effective pathways', erosion control solutions', 'effective rendering techniques', etc. etc. Rip and read parties occur when the pile of magazines starts to fall over.

    Occassionally there is reference material I come across that might be pertinent to an ongoing design project or one that is already in the construction phase-- whatever reason, if I feel I need it either as a visual reference, stimulation, whatever, I drop it into the appropriate Project Folder. Once I'm through actively referencing it, it goes into the big book or is discarded.



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      One tip someone I know used (but which didn't work as well for me) was to rip out the table of contents for each mag and file all the TOCs in a single place, either a binder or folder. A ready-made index to the mag's contents, if you will.

      Stuff you've read and particularly liked you can highlight with a checkmark or something.

      The reason this didn't work well for me is that, generally, I feel I can find any information I need via web search, library loan, or whatever. I periodically weed/grow/weed/grow my magazine pile. Hate to keep the things around unless I really really want them and can't get the info any other way.


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        Magazine madness

        I too can become overwhelmed by the magazine monster. My reading pattern is not front to back but rather a random pattern depending on interest or relevance to immediate projects/concerns. One thing I've started to do lately is after I've read an article, if it doesn't have any lasting (reference/should be saved) value, I fold the pages in half. Then the next time I pick up the magazine I can zero in on what's left. At the end of the process I can file the remaining articles or put the magazine in the recycling container.