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Hello: Filters and Sorting using GTD

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  • Hello: Filters and Sorting using GTD

    Hi there, I'm curious to see how others manage and sort their list with filters and tags either with Shadow Plan or Datebook 5

    thanks in advance

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    With Datebk 5

    I use the categories as contexts and views as places, so for example my office view includes the categories Work Computer, Phone, etc.

    For projects, I include the other actions in the note, and instead of checking off the To-Do I replace the text and change the category.

    I use Bonsai (similar to Shadowplan) but I am finding more and more that Datebk5 is all I need.

    Hope this helps.


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      Linking ToDo's

      My current setup is fairly similar. My calendar/todo agenda is "hard" - planning and history are kept away from that.

      I treat "Projects" with 5 steps or less with separate time-frames or contexts (e.g., Grocery Shopping - review list of household needs, ask Junior what school supplies he needs, go to store) as ToDo's with the 5 steps as an attached note - I mark completions of steps in the note and carry forward the ToDo in the next succeeding context category till the project is done. (I treat a "Project" with multiple actions to be done at the same time in the same place as a single 3-line ToDo item.)

      I use Bonsai, linking next actions to ToDo, for:

      (1) client work / planning and large projects / planning. I try to keep sub-projects to max. 5 steps and treat them as ToDo's, otherwise I set up a Bonsai sub-project and when complete I cut and paste into the main project/client. I want to maintain history for these so I use the "setting" to keep the actions in Bonsai when I unlink the ToDo's on completion by deleting them or moving them into the Calendar. Bonsai Desktop prints nicely with completion dates for each step.

      (2) deferred individual tasks (not related to current projects). I keep these out of my ToDo list / Agenda to avoid clutter. I set the Bonsai steps to automatically delete when I delete the ToDo on unlinking.

      (3) Someday/Maybe projects - I keep them out of the ToDo db.

      With the setups for 1. and 2., I don't have to go back to Bonsai to edit after I have completed a ToDo.

      Comments welcome.



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        J - Not sure - maybe my post belonged in your other thread