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GTD Week One

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  • GTD Week One

    I don't want to go overboard and sing the praises of GTD like a cult follower or anything, but after one week of using the GTD system, I feel like I am finally in control!

    I don't have the system totally figured out yet, I still haven't taken 2 days off and piled all my stuff in the middle of the room and moved it through the "Next Action" flow chart thing. I don't have a reliable filing cabinet or office area set up yet, but using "Next Action" thinking I have put a huge dent in the nagging responsibilities and open loops that were dragging me down.

    I actually ended up in the black at work yesterday. By that I mean that my job has felt like I was in "work debt". I was always handling projects and tasks at the last minute when it was down to the wire. I was in the red when it came to productivity.

    Yesterday I got all caught up. I didn't know what to do with myself. I kinda walked around with a dumb grin on my face. I actually started helping other supervisors with their tasks for an hour or so. Then I realized I could start new projects rather than just handle the ones that are dropped in my lap! I actually created more work for myself just so I'd have something to do!

    I instantly went from a work-a-day stiff who hated their job to actually enjoying it! I couldn't believe it.

    My personal life is also falling into line, although a little bit more slowly because I work retail, go to school, and the hours are getting long as it nears xmas. The semester is about to end though, and I'll be able to section off a day or two to get it all figured out.

    I have a lot of creative projects that I have always wanted to do. Music, writing, and various other things that I always thought I didn't have time for. I can already see that GTD is going to free up a lot of time for those unfinished ideas that would have sat at the back of my mind.

    I am really exited about my new found energy and productivity, and I just had to get on the internet and brag. I've also sold every copy of David Allen's book that we had at the book store I work for. Maybe it's a little early to evangelize, but I can't help it. I am stoked!

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    Congratulations! That's awesome.

    And here's what you have to look forward to: A work life that feeds into your higher life goals, so that the work you're doing now is important and relevant to where you want to be in five years.


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      Great thing is, you're not just feeling you're in control -- you are in control.

      And you have more pay-offs to look forward to. To be the "go to guy" because you deliver. To feel people trust you because, again, you deliver; you don't have open loops.

      Be aware to stick to your guns now -- don't let a rush period steer you off track!

      Good luck!