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Printing out these forum pages

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  • Printing out these forum pages

    I wanted to generate some feedback. I like to print out the good discussions on this forum; however, I find that even landscape printing no longer will prevent text from being chopped off. How many would like this to be fixed... perhaps a "printer friendly" option button?


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    Download FinePrint at Great utility that will solve the print problem. It makes sure the pages are adjusted properly.




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      I can't say for certain as I haven't tried printing any of these pages, but I use mozilla (1.3) as a browser and it generally solves this problem (you'd think microsoft could have solved this by now).



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        I used fineprint but had to set the IE print setup to print landscape instead of portrait.


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          If you have a PalmOS device... I use Snapture ( Allows me to highlight/select precise text desired, press Alt-F12 to grab it, then additional text via Alt-F11, for one Palm doc file (or memo- your choice), which auto-syncs during next HotSync. Read with your preferred doc reader. (I stash these on my expansion card, under the iSilo directory-- where they are searchable via iSilo, despite card location). This one app purchase has been THE key to absolutely minimizing paper piles in my life. Note- if you do not have a PDA, simply grab the created plain text files from the app's directory.

          Free alternative = Plucker. (Don't use it, but I suspect it can be used without a PDA.) (


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            printing lists

            I use a tip a friend of mine gave me.

            1.I set up, in outlook, an email formated in plain text,
   a control+A to select entire list
            3. Ctrl + C to copy list
            4. Ctrl + V to paste in the body of the email converted to plain text
            5. I delete the headings and whatever else I don't want
            6. Then I copy it into Word; and reformat the list.

            This way I can save the list or print and delete.

            This is a cool method that will work on any forum. And it used programs that I already had.



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              In IE display the topic that you would like to preserve in print. Go to File|Edit with Microsoft Word on the menu bar. Word will open and display the forum topic. On the Word menu bar, select File|Page Setup, and click the "Landscape" option under "Orientation". Print. You should get a nice, complete rendition of the selected thread.

              Hope that helps.


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                Paste Special

                You could also open MS Word and use this sequence:

                ctrl+ A to select the all the text of the discussion you want to print;
                ctrl+ V to copy;
                now goto MS Word (alt+ tab and tab to MS Word);
                then Edit> Special Paste (alt+ E, S);
                high light 'unformatted text' ;
                hit enter .

                Presto! You're ready to print without the cropped text.



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                  I have taken DA's thoughts on looking for a simple elegant solution to heart, and printing web pages is no exception. If you use Netscape, go to Print Preview under File, set the scale to 70% and hit print. All done.



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                    I find this a humorous thread. I both appreciate the advise/instructions re how to print but seems to me we've lost sight of a value computers were supposed to bring to our lives-they're a tool, an aid. Computers have become more useful as they've become more user friendly. I'm surprised you had to ask this question-you should make this site as userfriendly as possible-if that means adding a button to allow printing so the entire body is printed-do it-anything that requires clicking more than twice detracts from each of our primary purposes-getting things done. Now I know I've violated the 2 minute rule in typing this but it's just my opinion. thank you-otherwise I find the method and this site very helpful.


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                      Printing with Adobe

                      One easy way to print everything is using Adobe Acrobat. I use the new version (6) and can send these pages to a pdf-file and print it afterwards. If you have an earlier version you can just print it using the adobe printer.


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                        simply !

                        I've just tried simply copy/paste in a word document and it printed like charm ! (I have Microsoft Word 2000)



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                          I prefer to utilize this PDF Printer. It is freeware and produces fine PDFs.


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                            I think that nitropdf isthe tool you might find very interesting


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                              Maybe I missed the actual point of the post, but if it's a printer-friendly option you're looking for, it's been available in the forums for years.

                              At the top of each individual thread (not the top of the forum) is a heading called "thread tools", and one of the options therein is "show printable version". That should prevent the text truncation that you get printing it straight from the forum. I use it when I want to print something to keeps as a .pdf (using Cute PDF as a pseudo printer).