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Link next action with project?

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  • Link next action with project?

    I just finished reading GTD and now I want to implement it. I would like to start off using plain text files--I think this will give me the flexibility to adapt and evolve the system to fit me until I "get it." At that point, I'll probably want to write a web-based software system for it.

    Here's my first question: If I keep lists of next actions grouped by context, do I need to "link" the next action to its project (or outcome)?


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    Re: Linking Next Actions to Projects

    Here's my first question: If I keep lists of next actions grouped by context, do I need to "link" the next action to its project (or outcome)?
    You don't need to. Normally, you will just remember the next action for a project or the project to which a next action relates. It will probably just end up being a bunch of extra typing for you.

    You might want to take a look at the discussion under the topic "3 Ring Binder Sections (100% Paper)" below. It covers a lot of the same ground. The tail end of this reply might be useful:


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      Link or Not Link

      Although the book says that you do not need to, I choose to link my next actions to projects where applicable. If your using a paper based or Palm system, this can tricky. However, I'm using a PocketPC and have had no issues doing this. When doing my reviews I look at all the next actions related to each project and make my changes accordingly. I then look at my next actions not related to a project. When I'm done, I filter on my context list and all my next actions (linked and not linked) show up.


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        How do you accomplish this linking when using the PPC?


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          Yes, how please?

          I'm dying to know. Might be worth changing digital formats just to be able to do that!



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            Multiple Catergories

            PocketPCs by default allow for multiple catergories and do not have the 15 catergory limit. I use PocketInformant to pull it all together, but you could still implement GTD without it.
            If you at all familiar with Outlook, then you already have a good understanding on how to use the multiple catergory feature using a PPC. When you create your task, appointment, etc just select CATERGORY and choose the one that apply. I have one catergory for every project name and one for each @ Context. This way you have the luxury of viewing you next actions by @Context and by project name.

            Hope that helps. It works for me.


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              it's now possible on a palm w/outlook also

              Key suite from Chapura --syncs w/Outlook and allows multiple categories per item .

              Beyond contacts from Dataviz does this also. Key suite seems better designed (just my opinion)



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                Palm + software

                Yes, i realize that is possible on a Palm but it requires the purchase of additional software. Part of the reason I stopped using a Palm is that I kept having to add software to get some of the functionality I wanted out of a PDA. However, I will state that the choice of PDA is a personal decision. It will be different for everyone.


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                  Yes I know --I was posting for the sake of those already using a palm.
                  But when I had a ppc --I had to add pocket informant to get the functionality out of the pda that I wanted

                  Key suite is definitely no PI

                  I've read on the PI forum that the developer would consider a palm version if he can do a complete version and not partial.