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How to manage credit card receipts until they are reconciled

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  • How to manage credit card receipts until they are reconciled

    I'd like to do this GTD style.

    Should I just toss them in my home inbox tray and wait until I get the statement? Then I take them out of the tray, reconcile and shred them? Or should they be placed in envelopes or file folders?


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    File under "credit card receipts": you want to keep your inbox clear.


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      Filing Credit Card Receipts

      I've got one of those tiny sets of plywood drawers you get from IKEA, use one drawer for each card (Debit, Visa, Mastercard) and at the end of each day I the day's receipts in the appropriate drawer (paper-clipped in date order). Then, when the statement arrives, I reconcile and throw away the receipts which are on the statement.


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        I use folders

        I have Jan-Dec folders for receipts. I only keep the current month's folder on my desk in a little folder stand (along with my @Computer and @Online folders, which are always there).

        I put receipts in the inbox.

        At weekly review, I put the receipts into the June folder (or whatever).

        My visa comes from my credit union, so I can download to Quicken my bank and credit transactions. I do this during my weekly review also and update Quicken accordingly. (Used to do this at the end of the month but had way too many transactions to sift through.) Also print out online receipts (if any) I've saved to askSam SurfSaver and put them in the folder.

        When it's time to reconcile the statement, I pull out the June folder, pull out the receipts, and do the work. Because everything's already in Quicken, takes only a moment to verify receipt amounts.

        When July rolls around, put the June folder in the file cabinet and pull out the July folder. At end of year, all monthly receipts go into a Jan-Dec accordion file, which file is plundered for tax information as needed, and then the accordion file goes upstairs to the little room of many dusty boxes.

        Not as organized as some, a little more organized than I used to be. It's habit now, which is where i want to be.



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          I have a 5-minute session with Quicken daily, in which I account for all money spent that day. Once the transactions are in Quicken, I shred the receipts. When the statement comes along, it goes into the 'Financial To Process' folder until my weekly bill-paying stint (part of my weekly review, actually). Reconciling is quick and easy with the transactions already in there, and then the statement is filed. Dunno whether you consider this to be GTD-style or not, but it works for me.




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            Credit card receipts that have not been reconciled represent incomplete work (rather than reference material), so I put them in my tickler file system. I use hanging files for my tickler files and put manilla file folders in them as necessary. For instance, I have a manilla file folder labeled "Credit Card Receipts." I let it live in one of the last days of the month and can see the label on it sticking up from the hanging file folder.

            Credit card slips go in the back of that manilla folder each day. When the statement comes, I pull that folder and take out of it all of the tickets that appear on that bill. I separate any tickets that are tax deductible from the rest. The tax deductible receipts go in a folder of documents to be used to figure next year's taxes. The other tickets are stapled to the credit card statement. The credit card statement is now reference material and is filed in the filing cabinet in a folder called "Visa," "Master Card," "Discover," etc.