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    I'm not yet versed in David Allen's methods and tools (materials on the way), but I'm hoping someone has a few suggestions on note taking. My current system of planning and organization is serving me very well - I use the 7 Habits/First Things First methods. However, what I haven't yet mastered is taking notes. Currently, I use index cards to take action items and follow-up notes in meetings and I usually write notes on the agenda. If there is something in my notes I should keep later upon review, I log it into my Outlook Organizer and toss the notes.

    I see other folks who keep a notebook full of meeting and conversation notes (typically writing down what gets put on the white board). These people often refer back to these...kinda makes me feel I should be doing the same thing, but I'm really sensative to what I write down in my in my notepad - it doesn't get tossed!

    Any suggestions?

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    This discussion might help (see the link below) but you could also try searching under the word "Paper." A lot of people use paper, and you will find some helpful discussion.

    HTH, Gordon