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  • Things borrowed/things lent

    1st question : things lent/borrowed

    At the moment, I use only one "waiting for" list which I keep in my ACTIONS tab of my 3-ring binder.

    I'm thinking it might be useful to keep a list of things i've borrowed from people as well as things that i've lent out. To handle this, should I create a new "waiting for"-type list called "Things borrowed/lent"? They really are "waiting" kind of items : if I lend a book to a friend, it becomes something I am waiting to get back, and if it's something I borrow, I need to use it and give it back one day.

    2nd question : lottery ticket copies

    This might be funny... but at work, we have a guy that takes money from us every couple of weeks to buy lottery tickets for the group. He gives us photocopies of the tickets and drops those on our desks a couple of days before the drawing.

    I know that 90% of the time, I won't even bother to check the numbers. I trust the guy, but there's this little part of me that wants to hold to the photocopy and check it myself! Must this paper go in general reference as "Lottery at work"? Or should I not bother and duuuuump it?

    Any input appreciated. Thanks!


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    The borrowed things are projects, each with at least 2 sub projects: 1. use;2. return.

    Give that "little part of you" some respect: drop the copies in your tickler file for the day after the draw!


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      I keep a separate list in my Actions tab for things I lend to others. For things I borrow, I record two items - one for the action I want to do with the borrowed item (e.g., Read borrowed book) and the other to return the borrowed item. I keep them either on my Actions list or on my calendar, depending on if I need to do these things on a particular day or not.


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        As far as returning borrowed items, the physical item often serves as the reminder to return it. I am pretty good about having a "place for everything and everything in it's place." When I am done with something borrowed and go to put it back in its "place," that serves as the reminder that its place is at somebody elses house! If I now this isn't going to be practical, when I borrow the item, I put a task in the proper category (either @Home or @Office) that says something like "Return blender to Joe" and assign a date of when I think I am going to be done with the item.

        As for the lottery tickets, I second the idea of dropping them in the tickler file for the date after the drawing.