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Fred Pryor/Career Track Seminar

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  • Fred Pryor/Career Track Seminar

    I'm wondering if anyone has attended the Fred Pryor / Career Track 1 day seminar, "How to Balance Priorities & Manage Multiple Projects". I just received a flyer for it today-- thought I might be able to learn some new tricks to supplement my GTD practice. Any thoughts?

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    I attended this seminar more than 10 years ago. It was a good introduction to several topics but didn't really go into any depth on any. There was an emphasis on reducing stress with lots of good bullet points like "balance work and life" without any method on how to do so.

    The session I attended was mostly attended by admin assistants and secrataries and the Q&A dealt mostly with how to deal with multiple bosses and conflicting assignments. There was also an intro to keeping a time log. The part of the seminar on prioritizing merely explained that you must see the big picture in order to make good judgments about priority.

    The most interesting paradox is that I attended the seminar because I was too busy to devote a week or more to a more in-depth seminar, and then I was unhappy with the lack of depth.

    Just my 2 cents...



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      fred pryor seminar

      I agree with Ken - I have that seminar on tape (you can purchase any of their stuff ) It promises a lot and under-delivers . Lot's of you shoulds and need to but very little how to --

      if you don't have the live cd's of DA's GTD fast seminar you'd be much better off investing your money in those --Nothing compares to DA live (even if it is a recording ; )