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  • Our favorite GTD Blogs

    The intention of this thread is to showcase Blogs about GTD. The idea is to have a unique blog per posting. I would recommend that it be a blog you like and find useful and not your own. We can always promote our blog through our signatures. If a blog gets mentioned already I would not repeat it so that we can keep our one unique blog per posting rule.

    Besides the URL say a little something about why you find it useful so we can get a sense about what kind of blog it is and please keep it concise. I also recommend puttng the link at the end of your description and the title of the blog as your post title. The dilemna of course is that we won't get it all right the first time or someone will feel something was missing from the description of the person who got to post about the particular blog they wanted to post about. Here is how this can be resolved. We can all edit our posts at a later time so I suggest we use the private message system. If you find something misssing or notice something needs to be updated send the creator of the post a private message indicating that. It can also apply if you think their blog was not concise enough. Given you are likely to both be fans of the blog there shouldn't be too many turf wars.

    This should be the longest post because I am of course settting up the structure. I will start by going first and recommending a blog I like. I too will update these instructions if I notice something that arises that I should have included.

    UPDATE: Well it looks like this has taken a life of it's own. So I guess we'll just see what happens but the enthusiasm and thought that is going into these posts are refreshing.
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    Geek's Guide to Getting Things Done

    This is an amazing blog that I don't think gets enough attention. Not only is the content fresh, unique, and updated regularly there are several references to other Blogs and GTD Resources some of which I had never heard of.

    Ubertech as he calls himself even has a video section containing several online videos of GTD Implementations.

    His mastery of Wordpress widgets is evident all over the site and it adds to the credibility and showcases the dedication he gives to his blog.

    Check out his site at the link below
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      Thank you for shining a light on this blog, Garfield.

      Ubertech is brilliant!
      His "GTD Mastery 100" list is a great way to help GTD slackers get back on track. (See link below)
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        My favorite blogs

        Hi there!

        I think blogs are a good way to learn about GTD and other personal productivity
        systems. So here is a list of the blogs I read most frequently:
        A very good blog for beginners checkout their GTD primer section
        Matt's Idea Blog covers the whole GTD methodology is a blog which consolidates various blogs about personal productivity
        This blog has some good tips re GTD and the link to the GTD Index a useful collection of GTD
        related links.
        This blog provides thoughtful tips about life management and productivity in general.
        Also a blog about personal development with a GTD section wich is worth reading.

        Sorry that I have written more links in one post...

        But I think it would be better to do such a collection in a wiki, because you
        have all entries on one single page and no double entries and everybody could give comments.

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          lifedev is cool


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            The Ultimate GTD Index

            I've been using this site for several days. It helps me choose subjects that might be of interest to me. Wolfgang mentioned it in passing.

            The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index

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              GTD Mastery 100

              the GTD Mastery 100 list was done by the mighty Duff


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                There is a new universe of GTD blogs

                Two of my current faves are Black Belt Productivity (already mentioned) and Did I Get Things Done?

                There is also an RSS feed for the GTD Network that aggregates about 23 blogs for you, straight into your reader!


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                  I'm surprised that no-one has yet mentioned 43 Folders. To my mind, that's one of the best around, particularly for geeky types like me.

                  The fact that it contains quite a bit of Mac-focused stuff is the icing on the cake, really: it's well-written, informative, amusing, inspiring, and has an awesome archive.

                  Plus, how can you not get excited about a geeky blog run by a guy called Merlin?
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