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  • Organizing Photos

    Do any of you have tips on dealing with photos?

    I have a current personal project which is to arrange all my photographs over the years (print and digital) and I'm stuck.

    Do you keep all your photographs (no matter how bad?) or do you only keep the really good ones.

    What if you edit a digital photo, do you keep the original or just the edited one?

    Yeah, I know a lot of this is a personal preference thing but I have a tendency to delete or throw away things (my destroy-all-clutter mania) and then *sometimes* need the thing later.

    Most of the time, I have no problem replacing what I got rid of but with photographs, I guess I place them in a more important category, kind of like a, if I get rid of it it's like throwing away memories type of deal.

    Anyway, any tips would be appreciated!

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    I only keep the good ones.

    Whether or not I keep the edited and original depends on the editing. If I'm making minor improvements like getting rid of red-eye or improving color, I would only keep the edited one. For major changes like lots of cropping and that kind of thing I'd probably keep both.

    I have never been big on looking at old photos, but I do like to have them somewhere should I need or want one for some reason. I have been storing them digitally as much as possible. I scan in older ones that were not taken with a digital camera and save them to a disc. The advantages I have found are that they take up much less space, you can back them up and put them in a firebox or safety deposit box should something happen to the originals, and they're easier to share with others if you can just email them.


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      digital photo projects - adobe photoshop album

      One of my enormous projects was to 'organise' and backup and even print my 1000 or so digital photos going back two years or so.
      I can finally say that it's just about completed - and what helped me enormously was adobe photoshop album.
      It's bliss - you can give the photo metatags or categories, you can sort them sequentially after importing them, and then backup to cd is easy as well. You can do all kinds of creative things with them, as well as easily 'share' them.
      The greatest achievement for me was to select 40 of the best ones, edit them and then via photoshop album 'send' them to dixons online printing service where for the meagre sum of 12 uk pounds or so they were printed and delivered to my inlaws!!! Apart from the simplicity, the speed was another bonus - I sent them online on monday - they received them wednesday. These poor people had been waiting for 2 years to get some PRINTS - they were mourning the fact I had ever bought a digital camera. Now I can do this on a monthly basis - schedule it as a recurring task.
      I thoroughly recommend this program - I had photos every where - in folders, on cards, floppies and cd's - it brought them all together chronologically - plus I can relax in case my system ever crashes.
      cheers Helen


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        I've always wondered or fantasized about a service which -- for a fee -- would scan in your old hard copy (pre-digital camera) photos and would put them on a CD or some other universal medium. Sort of an electronic scrapbook which you could then organize. I have shoebox after shoebox of old photios and I just groan over the time it might take to do this manually. Anybody know if any such service exists??



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          Organizing Photos

          Try Imatch from .


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            cVaughn & helenjc: wow! thanks for the help. both of those programs are quite amazing!

            I'll test both of them out and see. Thanks again!