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  • Need some advice

    I posted this in the Gadget forum but it is also applicable here.

    Im looking at implementing the GTD process and purchasing a PDA. I am a technical Program manager and I work with several teams of engineers and scientist. I am responsible for project tracking, schedules, Travel, budget etc.... I looking to be as efficient as possible and maintain only one data collection device other than my Desk PC (laptop with docking station). I travel quite often and when I do I sometimes bring a laptop and sometimes I dont.

    I am looking for recommendations from others that have similar responsibilities (management positions) on how they use the GTD system and I am also looking at recommendations on Palm PDAs. (Pocket PC owners chime in if you wish)

    Some specifics are:
    1. Do you use voice memos? How, how often, When and why
    2. Thumb Keyboards v Graffiti
    3. Any one familiar with the Tungsten T, and C
    4. Do you use your palm for data collection or just storage

    Im sure I have a lot more questions but this is a good starting point


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    Need information as well

    I need information on the Sony PEG TG50 as well. In particular, I'd like to know if I can use grafitti shortcuts through the keyboard.



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      1. I use voice memos a lot to capture actions, somedays and projects as they occur to me when I'm out and about. Mainly when I'm on my own, though. I type them up at the desktop daily.


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        My situations a bit different, but here you go

        - I started using my first Palm as Dir of Customer Service at a fast paced Internet Company. I have since went back to running my own business, no employees, office at home. So, I no longer travel and juggle multiple meetings each day, but I do manage multiple ongoing projects and clients.

        - I've gone through many Palms over the years, and now have a Tungsten T.

        - I don't use the voice memo feature. I would like to but my circumstances don't really call for it. I don't commute or travel at all much.

        - I'm a fast touch typer, so the thought of a thumb keyboard is distasteful. I *really* liked the fabric keyboard from Logitech when I had my 505, but as far as I can tell, that keyboard is not compatible with OS 5.0 so I've not used it with the Tunsten T.

        - I prefer using Grafitti and always have. I'm a writer though, and the physical act of writing is very satisfying to me so that probably explains my preference

        - I use my Palm extensively... for data entry as well as reference. I journal, brainstorm, write document drafts, outline, update lists, read books, and even use Slap as my primary inbox collection point.

        I don't like being chained to my desk. I didn't like carrying a laptop (and all those freakin accessories!) when I had one. I may someday try a tablet, but I suspect it will feel a bit too much like a PPC in laptop wrappings. I used a PPC for about a year and went back to Palms, but that's another story.

        In any case, My Palm fits in my hand (and I'm on the small side). It also slips easily into a pocket or purse, and can be used anywhere without connecting anything, booting, etc, etc. These are the primary reasons I use it for entering data instead of just reference. For me, it's similar to always having a small notebook on hand.

        My few cents


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          Thanks for the reply. I would like to go into your use of the Palm T/T in more detail if possible. You say you use it for data collection. In the past I found it very difficult to take notes in a meeting. I would like to know how you or others in the past have overcome this.

          I am feeling like I am in dire straits lately. I find myself using 4-5 different mediums to record notes and jot down reminders. If I dont get a handle on this ASAP im going to start dropping the ball on some pretty important issues. I can not find a system that works for me yet and I need any advice from other on how they have implemented their handhelds to work for them.

          I dont know if I would use the voice memo feature all that much but I can see applications where I would.

          I am pretty good with graffiti but about 2 year ago I switched to a PPC and found it almost imposible to consistenly take notes on it. I had better results in the past on my old Palm IIIc but still was never comfortable in meetings trying to write on my palm.

          Since I travel I would also like to have a GPS accessory. Does anyone know of any that work with the new palms



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            I see there hasn't been any more action on this topic. It's very broad and not easy to respond to -- tho "Electronic Perceptions" did a good job of sharing one experience. Hope you do get your choices made.

            That said, it strikes me that the real key to your issue is the "In Box," and processing it. Many stories have appeared of the many possible "to do" note-taking methods. What matters is that they all get dropped into the In Box, and then processed. This includes voice memos. If that becomes a habit that you TRUST, I belive you'll be home free.



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              Hi Greg,

              I'm sorry for the delay in response here. I've been swamped and completely forgot about this thread (I only visit when I need a work interlude without an actual break).

              As for your questions: I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but I agree with Christian's inbox comment. Decide on one primary inbox and use it, that will work wonders.

              My primary inbox is an application called "Slap" on my Palm. I have it mapped to my contact hardkey button. Whenever I have a thought, need to make a note to myself, whatever... I push the hardkey and jot it down real quick. I don't have to process, categorize, or anything. I just write it down like I would on a sticky note, notecard or peice of paper, and it sits there until I'm ready to process all the items.

              Slap holds up to 10,000 charactors last I heard, so it has plenty of room. I usually process everything in Slap 2-3 times a week.

              With meetings, I take notes in the "Notes" area of the meeting on my Palm Agenda/Calendar. I use the Palm shortcuts to notate the start and end times of the meetings, and sometimes I use a little bit of shorthand in my actual notes (mainly this is just leaving out vowels in words).

              When the meeting is finished, I sync my Palm so that the meeting notes are on the desktop. I then process any actions, followup, etc. before doing anything else. I always leave an extra 15 minutes or so devoted to meeting wrap up so that this step can get done. So, on the desktop, I simply cut and paste any actions needed, then I file the entire note into the project/client history for easy reference later.

              I do have two other, secondary inboxes. One is my Email inbox. This is processed religiously, several times a day. I can't stand having my email inbox overflowing, and a couple of my client contracts require me to deal with Email quickly. So this stays almost completely clear at all times. The other inbox is for actual paper items. That's on my desk and because I don't get much paper, it's only processed maybe once a month. (Other than weekly accounting, but that paper is actually put into a finance basket, not the actual inbox basket).

              Hope that helps a bit and let us know how goes,