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    I'm currently rereading The Now Habit (Fiore), and I know some people here have read it too. One problem I have with the book is a theoretical one.

    In chapter 2, 'why we procrastinate', Fiore first argues that there are some key fears against which we use procrastination: fear of judgment, from which follow perfectionism and self-criticism, and fear of depriving ourselves of free time in order to satisfy some unseen judge.

    However, later in that chapter, he argues that there are 3 main ways in which we can use procrastination: to express resentment, defense against fear of failure, defense against fear of success.

    I don't see how the former and the latter ones fit into one another. Either the first are the essential ones, or the latter are.

    So to those who have read the book, did you find an interpretation that incorporates both into an acceptable framework? Maybe I'm not getting it.