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quick RAVE from a noob

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  • quick RAVE from a noob

    I was sitting here this afternoon, going through the book for the third time when I suddenly jumped, scared my wife and the dog and realized that my financial planner's practice could take a quantum leap by simply shifting my perceptions a little bit.

    We have gradually revised and revamped the business, cutting back the number of clients we work with, broadening the services we offer and refining and focusing procedures and strategies.

    I have suddenly realized that our little firm's role should be not to simply create financial plans and help clients implement them. It should be, to use GTD-slang, about helping each client envision, structure and organize their own financial projects, rolling out a carpet of next actions for them, making sure all the loops are closed and taking on the job of follow up for them! That is the service they need! To be able to effectively take over the financial side of each aspect of their lives give clear visions, clear steps and clear follow up so they can focus on other aspects of their life!

    It is, essentially, what we do currently. The GTD framework will simply help us define/refine the process!

    Thanks David.