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Suggestion: A @Pathmark Context in KGTD

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  • Suggestion: A @Pathmark Context in KGTD

    and in it contains all the items i want to buy...or do you guys think I should have another separate checklist in another file?

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    I personally wouldn't do it that way.

    For one, @Pathmark would denote that Next Actions belong on the list for when you are in the 'pathmark context'. I'm assuming you're looking to make a shopping list, in which case, according to the way GTD is supposed to work, that would not make sense. Oranges, bananas, and soy milk, are not next actions that move an outcome to completion. They are items that belong on a list.

    A @Pathmark list could certainly exist though. Let's say I find myself in pathmark frequently and there are things that I need to do there. My @Pathmark list might look like this:

    -Dump change into the change machine
    -Yell at customer service re my rotten tomatoes and sour grapes
    -Look at pathmark shopping list for items to buy (if you want to get into the nitty gritty)

    And so on...

    However, I am rather new at this, and I have my own newbie questions. But for me at least, the function of context lists seems straightfoward.

    I hope this helped.



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      And then again, maybe you could have a project called 'get groceries', and the next actions to meet that goal could be to 'get tomatoes', 'get grapes' which would be found on the @Pathmark list.

      Hmm... What do I know


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        I wasn't sure what Pathmark or KGTD was to start LOL!

        I would just have a next action called Pathmark under my @Errands list and then in the notes section of that next action I would keep a running list of what I want to buy next time I visit the store.

        Sometime if my wife calls me at work to collect some items on the way home, I just stick it on my calendar with an approx time for convenience and then put the items in the notes section of that.



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          I use my Errands list, but mark those items I know need to come from a particular store. It's a kind of grouping within a list, I guess. Works for me.

          I would point out that items on your Errands list *are* actions, but probably not part of a project. They fall under the higher level concerns/goals/areas of responsibility, I'd say.