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  • How would you handle this?


    This situation just came up while I was at work, and I tried to wrap my brain around the best solution.

    One of the people I report to asked me send my synopsis of a demo I will be sitting through tomorrow at 12pm.

    Now, I want to send the synopsis as soon as possible, after I sit through the demo, but it does not need to be sent this friday.

    Therefore, this is clearly an action item that belongs on my @office list. I would like to avoid a tickler for Monday because if I want to do it ASAP, ideally, right after the demo.

    What I did first, and then quickly changed, was putting the project 'Send X synopsis' on my project list. I already had an action item for the project, which was the appointment to actually sit through the demo. However, I was worried that I may not look at the project list, so what I did was add an appointment right after the demo "Add 'Send X Synopsis' to @Office".

    This will obviously do the trick, but does anyone have a more elegant solution for the general issue of 'add to context list at a certain time'?



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    I use Outlook and in situations like this, I add it to the context and set a reminder on the task to pop up whenever I need it to.


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      AdamB's suggestion is good if your system supports this.

      A couple other options...

      (1) You haven't said what you're using for your calendar, but this should work whether you're paper-based or electronic -- add a note to the appointment 'Send synopsis by [date]'

      (2) Use the free service ohdontforget to have a text message sent to your cell phone shortly after the demo's scheduled to end.


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        I'd put "send synopsis to Boss ASAP" right at the top of my notes on the demo, in a box. (Maybe bold face if you are taking electronic notes?) Then, when I process my notes as part of my Inbox, the action item is right there.

        If there's a chance that I'll forget to make that note, I'll also include it in my calendar entry for the meeting.



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          As always, thanks for the replies! Very insightful!