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What are the simplest steps to manage a project?

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  • What are the simplest steps to manage a project?

    GTD is working like majic on projects that only have a few steps but I struggle with projects that have the following characteristics:1) have a lot of component actions 2) require the use many kinds of information and from different sources (including hard data, such as technical specifications and money, and soft data such as opinions and preferences of committee members) and 3)some actions must be done in a sequence but some can be done almost any time. Most of my work is in managing and making happen the planning and then fine tuning the plan after getting further input. Once these projects are in the implementation stage there is little opportunity for revision. In addition, some of the committee members don't make themselves readily available to give information to or to get their inpout but do have very strong opinions and even forget that they requested things be done a certain way or objected to various options), so their "input" needs to be tracked and there is a lot of "waiting for".

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    That Ain't Simple


    The project you are describing is not simple by any stretch of the imagination. You need to do some industrial strength project planning on it.

    You might benefit from reading the discussion topic at the link below. It covered integrating complex project plans with GTD.