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Meeting Agenda Template

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  • Meeting Agenda Template

    Anyone willing to share a meeting agenda template that works for you?

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    Meeting Agenda Mindmap

    I have an meting agenda mindmap in MindManager format - if you use that software I will gladly share it with you.


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      Meeting Agenda Template

      If you don't use Mindmanager you could download a 30 day trial or the viewer from



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        If you use MS Word...

        If you use MS Word, there are a bunch of decent templates on their Microsoft Office Online site.


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          I have a bunch, if you're interested. Here are a few:

          From "Organize Your Work Day In No Time":

          o don't plan a meeting without being clear about why you need to meet
          o always have an agenda for every meeting
          o consider assigning roles in each meeting, and encourage everyone to participate
          o create standard meeting guidelines to ensure effective participation
          o don't let your action items get lost in your meeting notes: add them to your own task list
          o bring your laptop to meetings and take meeting notes electronically

          Nail Meetings Down Tight

          And of course: Five weeeeeeeeird tips for great meetings

          1: Open the meeting with a positive round
          2: Interrupt the meeting regularly
          3: Lose the table
          4: Get the body in there
          5: Use strategically placed silence

          Hope that helps!


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            Here's one from the Manager tools website which I highly recommend.


            Check out and let me know what you think.



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              Meeting Agenda Templates

              Thanks to all for your suggestions and offers. It is appreciated.. Bart


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                You will find an article here entitled "A Beginner's Guide to Mind Mapping Meetings". You will also find many additional articles to help with Meeting Management.