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    What are the best methods you all have found for dealing with co-workers and bosses that are NOT using GTD or, it seems, any method of management at all? I feel like this is my last barrier to "stress-free productivity". I'm starting to feel like there are only so many reminder emails and calls I can make to people that clearly have no process for dealing with their work, nor any regard for deadlines.
    What do you do? Weekly/daily status memo's to the boss? To co-workers? Any input here is appreciated!

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    Resending the e-mails seems to me to be the easiest way to remind people. When I send an e-mail that is going to require the other person to do someting, I bcc myself. When that e-mail appears in my in-box, I drag it to the Outlook task icon and assign a category of @Waiting For. During the weekly review, if I decide I need to send a reminder, I drag the task to the e-mail icon, address it, edit the subject line, and send. All of this assumes that you WANT to remind people.

    It may be that you are dealing with people who don't think they need a system because somebody will bail them out. They need to have a few things blow up in their faces so that they will realize they need a system and will be receptive to what you have to offer.