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Converting Hanging Cabinet to Standard

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  • Converting Hanging Cabinet to Standard

    I have several nice matching wooden file cabinets that I'll be keeping. Unfortunately, they setup for pendeflex hanging folders. Is there an insert to handle normal files that's available for purchase? I've looked at Staples and Office Depot, with no luck.



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    I did a search of this forum. The name for the sliding thing that makes the folders stand up straight is "follower blocks." Typing that term in Google may help you locate something that will work.


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      Hi. Be careful to make sure your cabinet has really strong floors on the drawers - mine bowed and came out. (But then, it was kind of a cheap cabinet). However, even my expensive wooden cabinet at work did that - no structure to take the weight of files.

      Good luck with that! (I, unfortunately, am back to hanging files for that reason.)


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        Converting from hanging files

        Surely somebody has some product that will allow you to convert a hanging file drawer. I'm not even sure what term to google - non-hanging, stand-up, blocked. I did google "follower block" but I think the ones I found were made to fit a particular file cabinet. But come on! Hasn't anyone made some sort of expandable block like thingy that will compress my files so they won't flop over??? I can picture what it might look like.

        OK. I'm going to try the low-tech solution for now - heavy duty rubber footed bookends - but I don't like it. Another idea was putting short curtain rods. I expect though that anything that is held in place by pressing against the sides of the drawer my cause problems. I think the best solution would push the files from the back. If anyone has seen something like this - please post it here. And if no-one makes them - it sounds like an opportunity for someone to provide a product that many GTD'ers would love to have.


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          Best filing cabinets

          I am looking to buy GTD friendly, modern-looking filing cabinets, too. Please let me know if any one on the list can recommend a brand, website, etc. Good luck with re-fitting yours.


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            Drawer Inserts

            This guy provides a wooden insert for filing cabinet drawers that seems fairly simple. He is, however, charging £200 for something which I believe anyone that has a router and watches discovery home & leisure (like my father) could tackle for a lot less cost. I shall try and bring it up in conversation the next time i'm round at my parents house (for me only i'm afraid).

            Filing Cabinet Inserts