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considering getting coaching

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  • considering getting coaching

    I am thinking about getting some GTD coaching and I am wondering if anyone has experience with this. About five years ago I went to a workshop from a different kind of productivity system and it came with three sessions of telephone-based coaching. The coaching was really terrible. The first 10 minutes was pleasantries and the weather, the next was a kind of phony empathic summary ("must be really stressful to have projects turned in late and al;ways be worrying about you'll forget") and the last 10 minutes was a run down on "other ravailable esources" to solve your problem. It was not problem solving but instead they just referred you to other books and tapes the companies sold and tried to sell you on a higher level coaching package (very expensive) that involved personality tests that would tell you how other see you and not much skill building or fine tuning or even an assignment with a check back. So I am a little leary of investing the money and of getting disapointed. Would appreciate hearing from anybody who has had good or bad experiences with productivity coaching and what questions I should ask to start out with.

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    I e-mailed Steve Bell who had very good things to say about his experience (although as you might imagine, it is not cheap). If you search the posting boards (at least the ancient ones)you can find his e-mail address and I'm sure he'd be open to questions.


    Oops just noticed that you are a guest. If you can't find his e-mail address send me a PM and I'll find it for you.


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      Workflow Coaching...


      It's an investment in so much, including enhanced control with your work, workflow, projects and priorities.

      Give us a call!

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