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make folders easier to use in drawer

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  • make folders easier to use in drawer

    I am a fan of using the plain folders in a drawer with a moveable metal plate in the back to support them. In other words, I am not talking about using hanging folders here. One thing I do to make this work a little better is I put two notebooks in the back of the drawer (in front of the plate) to support the folders. I use empy one-inch thick 3-ring binders for this and I place them with the spine down so it creates a wedge or ramp that the folders lay back against at a bit of an angle. I find that the notebooks sort of loosen up the files and they make it easier to flip through the folders and take the folders out and put them back again. You can't use a single thicker notebook, like one with 2-inch rings, because they are too tall to close the drawer.

    I know some people who lack the metal plate are using a book end or other device behind the folders. I have not tried it, but I think the notebook trick would work well with a book end.

    A couple of related tips:
    -I insert an orange place holder whenever I remove a folder so I can quickly replace the folder later.
    -I added a lock to my filing cabinet to child-proof it and secure it from snooping since it is located in my guest room.

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    Thanks for the tip. I wrote about using a magnetic bookend for this purpose. More at Five secret filing hacks from the masters, if you're interested.


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      Your magnetic book end idea is a great one.

      In case it wasn't clear in my post, the notebooks would not replace the book end (or moveable plate), the notebooks move with the book end or plate and sort of fan out the folders so they are easier to work with. You still must have a book end or plate.


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        Great Ideas!

        Barry -

        Great ideas! I especially like the binders - I hate when my folders flip forward - I bet that would help. I'll try it tomorrow.

        When I'm going to have a file out for just a minute, I stick a plastic ruler in place of the folder so I can put it back away quickly.

        Thanks for sharing your tips!