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  • Project Support Materials

    I was wondering how some of you handle project support material?

    I think my main problem is keeping track of where all the information is.

    Let me give you an example: Suppose I have a project that is to "Write a Book." Here are all the areas where my Project Support Material might be.

    1. A folder in Outlook for my email correspondence regarding the book
    2. Another folder in my Computer for the drafts of the book.
    3. A physical folder for articles and such that might relate to the book
    4. A bookshelf for books that I want to use as sources.

    Now it would be fine if I only have one project that has all these areas, but that's not the case. I have multiple projects and each have a combination of these four areas.

    Any suggestions?

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    My short answer is 'make a list.'

    When I have a complicated project, I make a list of folders, a list of contacts, a list of major subproject, etc.

    I store the lists in one central place and use that as the index to everything. It is too much work for a small project, but small projects tend to have fewer things to list anyway.


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      A quick way to turn 4 places into 3 places is to save all of your electronic stuff in a folder on your computer and not have one in Outlook and another somewhere else. To save your e-mail related to that project, choose "save as" and select the project folder as your destination.

      As for the projects that have a physical file folder and some shelf space on the bookcase, wuold it help to stick a note in the file folder to remind you of where your bulkier items are? (Bookshelf 1, Shelf 1?)



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        Saving Emails

        Good point, Frank:

        Some time ago, I reluctantly returned to Outlook Express because you can drag emails into the Windows Explorer. I do like Pocomail, but you can't drag. I don't use Outlook because I have been bitten by an email-borne virus. This method keeps the Outlook Express folders clean.



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          Frank: ooh... interesting idea. I think i'll try that! thanks!

          kglade: yeah, I've been thinking of using a list as well. I guess the biggest hassle is to associate every (or basically as needed) next action with the needed project support material.