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  • Context list categories

    I am interested in what folks use as their context list categories. Would folks be willing to share their categories? I am interested in exploring different categories beyond the standard @calls, @computer, @office, etc.


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    Sure. Here are mine (for todolists):

    @boss (a waiting for/agenda category that I can check more often than I check @waitingfor)
    @out&about (the king of all categories)
    @parents (agenda)
    @someday maybe
    @waiting for

    and, DA would just not approve:

    By way of explanation, it makes little sense for me to have separate @work, @phone and @computer lists, since all are things I do while parked in my chair, and my work just doesn't lend itself to making all my calls at one time.

    The @today list is something I developed because I have more than one screen of things on my @work list. Each morning I try to pull off the most critical things from @work and move them to @today, then leave this Palm desktop screen up all day so I can focus on those few things without being distracted by the other stuff on the list.

    I like someday/maybe as a category in todos rather than as a memo because then it is easy to bounce things from @home (for example) to @someday/maybe and back as I decide whether or not I really need to do them anytime in the near future.

    I also am interested in hearing other people's categories.



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      Ok here's mine

      @1st Things 1st
      @People (Agendas, birthdays, etc)

      My 1st Things list is similar to the "Today" list. I have Agendus set to highlight anything in that category, so they'll stand out and remind me of what's most important, first hopefully, each day.

      Other todo categories are:
      Bills to pay (highlighted in Agendus w/different color. Dated and $Amt noted)
      Project List
      Project Support
      Waiting For



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        My Context Lists

        I'll weigh in with
        @W Computer
        @H Computer
        :P I find that having a Delegated Context really helps when determining who's resposible for what. I prefix the task with the person's 1st name and file under the context category on the Palm and/ or Outlook.


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          context list categories

          here goes (kinda scary to lay all this out)

          @agenda (prefix name with @ in the task like @alice @ted) -- but often many of the items in this category is taken care of in @calls and @email below. -- usually best use for @agenda is for monthly management meeting or weekly meetings with individual or group staff.


          @computer (doesn't matter home or work -- usually have a zip disk with me with work i need on either) -- drafting reports, putting together spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations etc.

          @email (separate from computer as i have a blackberry so i can crash thru a lot of emails while traveling)


          @home office (bills/mortgage/financial planning/filing at home/some calls that need info that i have at home rather than with me

          @home (stuff at home not in home office -- yard/fix it jobs, etc)

          @online -- web browsing -- some email where attachments are necessary

          @rd/rev/decide -- general category for reading / reviewing/planning/deciding items -- if somethings stays too long in here it will start to putrefy and stink, so it's a dangerous parking place for next actions.

          @wtg -- waiting on stuff (i also put delegated projects in here.

          i keep someday/maybes and project lists elsewhere so not to clutter up todo application in palm with anything but next actions.

          @office (don't use this one much except when i need to run a big copy job or something that requires stuff i have in the office and not elsewhere)


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            Funny this should come up, I've just been reviewing mine.

            @ Anywhere - pocket pc stuff
            @ Calls
            @ Cards - birthday cards & sympathy, etc.
            @ Computer
            @ Computer - on line
            @ Crafts - so I remember what projects I'm working on
            @ Errands
            @ Gardening
            @ Housework
            @ Office - sometimes it just doesn't fit in calls, computer or paperwork
            @ Paperwork - I'm into administration, sometimes it's just paperwork
            @ Reading
            @ Waiting

            Got rid of
            @ Bills
            @ Cleaning
            @ Home

            Anyway, that's my 2 cents



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              I work two jobs, both of which have me glued to a chair, phone and computer all day and night. Both jobs are very similar with the exception that I work for someone during the day (Work) and that I work for myself night (Studio).

              These are the categories I set up in Outlook and Pocket PC to help me keep my projects straight: