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The Positive Power of the Weekly Review

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  • The Positive Power of the Weekly Review

    As a highly imaginative and creative person, I am often besieged with amazing ideas. But, what one minute seems like a notion of pure genius, the next minute looks plain daft. The truth lives usually somwhere in between.

    However, by capturing these ideas and letting them cook (or not) I can track an idea at Weekly Review moments. Does it now have energy? Is it a someday maybe? Or what is the best next action I can take to move it forward?

    The point is that I stay in charge of what is flowing in and around me, avoid overwhelm and stay clear for what it is I really want to do. What is more, as I stay open, my sweet imagination is valued and remains free to do what it loves best - have more ideas. And that for me is fun.

    The Weekly Review is such a simple tool - but oh so powerful. I just have to commit to doing it each week.

    Anne Naylor

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    The Power of a Positive Voice!

    Anne -

    Thank you for this powerful and positive note. Your words are inspiring to all of us who struggle with regular weekly review.