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excellence vs resentment? exasperation?

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  • excellence vs resentment? exasperation?

    Not GTD really, but, input from y'aLL would be appreciated...

    In thread below, Moises made the excellent point that it can pay off in many ways to make your business function as excellently as you are abl, even if you are not really wild about the business.

    I am wondering if members of this community might have any suggestions for ways that one can do this in this situation. Among other things, I work in a family business and know the values and intentions of "the management" are excellent but they are facing personal and professional challenges. But, they are respected in their field and they always have landed on their feet. I feel under-recognized for the routine drudgery. I am a poor choice for the roles I am in (e.g., the position is isolating and the atmosphere unstimulating in that I thrive on interaction and new ideas, but have to work alone for about 6 hours a day), but it is me or no one. Before I can hold a conversation on a topic of concern I practically have to write a short grant proposal (specific aims, resources, plans, options). Further, any responsibility I take on will remain mine until we can afford more personel. And, the schedule for key events changes without notice! Talk about having to "ready for anything". The part I am involved in is really a start-up and it may do well and I love its mission and product. I do want to function with excellence in this role and be able to say "I accomplished x,y, and z..". I really feel that if I can manage the routine tasks, then I can move on my projects, including getting a clear handle on the resources available (accounts, materials on hand, etc.) , that I can reach my objectives. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    I appreciate your situation and am happy to take this conversation off line with you if necessary. I'll send you a PM with my contact details.

    A couple of questions to go on with:
    • Do you have a clear list of what is working/not-working for you in the role?
    • What's the ratio between working/not-working?
    • Are you part of the family owning the family business?
    • Outside of time (red herring) what is limiting you from moving forward? Conversely, what resources to you have to support you moving forward?
    • What event triggered the need for this post? What occurred before that?

    These aren't rocket science questions, but merely designed to help you get some clarity about what is going on. I sense there is a resentment brewing between yourself and your employers (hey, the title of the thread gave that away!). Seriously though, moods of resentment are often accompanied by people blaming others. Moises post (unread by me), if creating a focus on excellence, will help you focus back on what you can do. Don't belt yourself up over that. It's part of being human. Yet, acceptance of things as they are can be a powerful platform for moving forward.

    Check your messages,