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GTD Connect - so whats the word on the street?

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  • GTD Connect - so whats the word on the street?

    A very simple post....

    I'd love to see some posts from anyone who currently is using or has used GTD Connect.

    I'm thinking about joining so call it market research

    Cheers !!

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    Originally posted by w_i_t_n_a View Post
    A very simple post....

    I'd love to see some posts from anyone who currently is using or has used GTD Connect.

    I'm thinking about joining so call it market research

    Cheers !!
    It is not perfect, but without a doubt worth the money and more. I originally plan to do it for 3 months, then I evaluate and extended for 6 months, my year mark is next month, and I have no plans to stop.


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      GTD Connect

      Don't usually post and not a member of GTDC.

      Professional in non-profit service. Can't really justify cost, but need to re-evaluate periodically to see if there are low/no-cost options for those of us working to GTD in the non-profit world! Wish I could afford it.

      Wes Jones, DVM
      Napa Humane


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        I don't know if I can attribute it to GTD Connect, but there are aspects of GTD that are finally becoming habits. GTD Connect is relatively expensive (about 2 hardback books a month), but there is a lot of different content available. I have really benefitted from the podcasts on the weekly review and managing projects. So far, so good.


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          GTD Connect

          i have been a gtd connect member since the beginning and intend to continue for the forseeable future. What do I like about it? I like the teleseminars the best. I always get something out of them. The monthly interviews with people who use GTD are interesting, and some of them are terrific. I replay the teleseminars whenever I need a boost.


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            I was a skeptic at the beginning, mainly because of the cost and doubting that the content would be worth it. I am sold now and have just signed up for the annual membership which reduces the cost. Membership is providing access to some great resources (especially the teleseminars which are awesome) and also keeping me focused on implementing GTD to a higher level.


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              A great Investment

              I've been a member now for just over a year. At the end of my first year, i took the time out to evaluate whethter or not it was a cost i could justify, having just moved house and with a new baby on the way. I have to say that the benefits i have found from being connect member, for me really justified the cost. The monthly cds are a great kick start and i really benefit from all the podcasts as well as the quarterly webcasts where there is a real chance to interact with others. But i found the real benefit for me was these forums. The GTD books gave me a grounding and started me on my GTD journey, but i can't begin to quantify the amount I have gained for the forums. It has enabled me to spread GTD to my family, and my 7 year old son now has the basic principles of an inbox and next actions (thanks to Wendy Mack for some of the great posts!!!).

              I recently signed up for the annual membership and see it as a real investment in me.


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                Hi there!

                Can anyone tell me how hard it is to cancel the subscription.

                I just ask, because I got my tax back (money I have not really expected )
                and I wanted to sneek peek into GTDC.
                But I don't plan to have a very long subscription because 48$ a month is
                a lot of money for me.

                Why don't they have prices like netflix or audible? Something arround 10$/month
                would be awesome. I can't imagine that they have content which is really
                worth the money.

                Another good thing would be if the first month would cost 10$ so it
                would be cheaper to evaluate the thing (hint to DACompany )



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                  I agree. If the Connect product is so good, then DACo should offer a 30 day free trial with the confidence that 80%+ will like what they see and will want to pay to stay.

                  And man, the cost is high...........what the heck is in there???

                  Curious George...



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                    Given that my subscription to the entire ACM digital library-- even when you count my ACM membership fee itself-- is nowhere near $48/a month, I do have a hard time comprehending how Connect could possibly be valuable enough to justify that cost.

                    However, those of us who balk at the very idea of a $50/month subscription service clearly aren't in the audience that's being targeted by Connect.

                    Those of you who DO find it worth the money: obviously, you can't share any of the information that you find so valuable, but can you tell us how you've found it valuable, what benefits it's brought (above and beyond the benefits you could have gained from information available without the subscription)?


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                      One Opinion

                      Well, I kind of felt like you do when I first joined, so my original intention was to try it for a couple of months and then cancel. I think I'm into my 4th or 5th month now, and I'm still here. Here's why I'd do it for just a couple of months, at least:

                      1. It will take you probably at least a month to get through all of the audio, videos and whitepapers that are here.

                      2. One coach is active on the forum..."KelStarRising". She give great tips, with examples and screen shots. NOTE TO CONNECT STAFF: ALL of you could and should chime in once in awhile. I'd also like to see the staff contribute more written material.

                      3. Paying $48 a month to "hang around" this stuff will keep you focused on creating/maintaining your own great system. It kind of holds you accountable.

                      4. There will be some new products coming out soon. Connect members get a discount.

                      So...give it a try. When you stop seeing value, end your subscription. I cannot imagine that you wouldn't find way more value than you expected in what is available to you immediately upon joining. My personal feeling is, over the long term, $35 per month is about right. But even at $48, I bet you spend more than that at Starbuck's every week :-}


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                        I think davidco are still figuring out how to make Connect fit. In my case, I was a member for a few months, but found that the value wasn't there for the price. A personal choice, of course. For one thing I don't watch much video or listen to audio, so content in those formats isn't useful to me. Also, as you pointed out, coach contributions aren't very frequent.

                        A final consideration is that I learned so much from the wonderful people who contribute to the free public forum that I feel obliged to give back. So I try to be a regular, helpful poster over there. I think this is an important part of the GTD community that has sprung up.


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                          $48/month is very high, I agree, but I thought I would give it a shot because I practice GTD every day and I am trying to really incorporate it into my life.

                          My opinion is that it has great information from the white papers, podcasts, videos, etc and I went through everything in a month. However, material is not updated that often. If I spend $48/month, I would expect new content on a daily basis. I have found that new content is only released every week or two (this is on the podcast feed).


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                            Download material


                            Is it possible to download the material available? I'm considering to sign in, but I'd like to be able to download the audio material so I can listen to them when the computer is unavailable (i.e. while jogging, doing chores, etc.)



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                              Yes, you can download...

                              Originally posted by Pedro Kroger View Post
                              Is it possible to download the material available?
                              Yes, you can download podcasts directly from GTD Connect website or suscribe them via iTunes.
                              I am listening to GTD podcasts using iPod Shuffle.