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Folders collapsing in drawer

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  • Folders collapsing in drawer


    In the last months i've been reorganizing my file cabinets, ditching the colored hanging folders I had as well as the metal frame that came with them.

    I like my two-level labeling method, it works very well (MasterCard - receipts, MasterCard - statements).

    Problem is, my manila folders seem to be collapsing all the time in the drawers ! I actually spend more time fighting with the folders everytime I open the drawers, instead of actually retrieving and filing my stuff. I've tried using VHS videotapes in the back of the drawer but this doesn't seem to be working very well.

    Any tips? Thanks!


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    Folders Collapsing in Drawers

    I use metal bookends. The bottom "lip" which normally goes under your books goes under your manila file folders. Works great for me.



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      HON Filing Cabinets...

      Hi Dave,

      I use a HON filing cabinet. I don't have hanging files, instead I use the back metal slider. My cabinet came with a metal back that is on a track down the middle of the bottom of the drawer. This slides back and forth, thereby creating a "holding place" for my files.

      NOT all cabinets have this. If this is the case, I work with clients to set up their own personal system using (yes, you guessed it!) hanging files. In fact, the way to make this work is:

      - put only one manila folder in each hanging folder
      - label the manila folder (not the plastic insert piece to the hanging folder)

      I understand your frustration. In your case, I might recommend either:

      a new file cabinet; or
      using hanging files.

      Hope that helps!

      Here's an article about filing...;article=29