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    Hey all,

    Read the book about two weeks ago, and implemented Monday. I'm really liking the system.

    My question is this: what do I do with "soft landscape" items? David says not to put them on the calendar, but throughout the book I never got a straight answer on what to do with them.

    What I mean is, I have about an hours worth of "Daily systems administration." Before GTD, this was on my calendar. But it doesn't matter what time I do them, so under GTD I have removed them from my calendar. But what do I do with these?

    I have a note in my tickler file to check this post Monday, Thanks!.

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    DA is a big fan of checklists for those routine tasks that we all do daily or weekly, so that would probably be his answer. Still, if keeping it on your calendar was working, why change?

    You might want to search the forum for past discussions of time mapping. One of the things time maps do is show you how long the routine things really take so that you can have a realistic idea of how much "free" time you actually have.



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      "Daily" tasks

      If you have something that needs to get done every day, by all means put it in your calendar. Or, if it is a checklist of things, go ahead and put a copy in your tickler file, so that it turns up to be processed and get done.

      Katherine has a great point about time mapping, I highly recommend it.


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        In the GTD book, it says that the calendar is the spot to put a task that must get done today or not at all. This item does not have to have a time slot associated with it on the calendar, but can be a day-specific (untimed) event. Continuing to use your calendar for this item would not go against the book in my opinion.

        Some people would go a step farther and block out a timeslot for such things. This is optional and would probably not be advised by DA.