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Found a very thin binder for a paper system.

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  • Found a very thin binder for a paper system.

    This post is going in the opposite direction of the one about a custom-made luxury binder. I guess I prefer a minimalist approach. This one only costs about $4 and is made of plastic instead of luxurious leather. It caught my eye because it is only 1/2 inch thick at the spine when measured on the outside. Very compact and lightweight for a binder that holds letter sized paper. Flexible but not flimsy. It's actually marketed as a "report cover" so it will not be with the 3-ring binders. But it does have 3 fasteners inside that work like rings. They are actually just strips of plastic that loop over and tuck into the cover. Very basic. But it works and makes a more portable book than a typical bulky binder.

    I am using it to hold my calendar pages and contacts list. I am printing my calendar pages out of an online calendar service with a format of one monthly calendar per full sheet of paper. Plus a current weekly schedule. Printing them from an online calendar means that the calendar pages have all of my recurring events already loaded on them, and I can print out as far into the future as I want. Reminders are directed to my cell phone. Using letter sized paper is a lot easier than trying to cut down to smaller sheets.

    This notebook is supposed to hold 50 sheets, but I think it would get hard to turn pages with much more than about 30. The "clear front" is actually a clear pocket on the outside of a solid front. A possible place to tuck some reference material like a printout of driving directions for today's meeting. Anyway, this product is kind of hard to find since it would be displayed with report covers and not the binders in an office supply store, so I thought I would post it here in case anyone is looking for a very thin binder.